What I See When l Look at You

Is a beautiful creature.
All smooth talk, suave
With the elegance of a swan.

Meet me in the river
Or the bed sheets
And tell me you love me and

“This is intimacy”-
The baring of two bodies
And seduction of souls;

But you are the immortal beast,
Tempestuous being, and it’s
Time to leave since you’re
Bored and selfish and
Duty calls you elsewhere.

And you’ll flee to your perch
Above the heavens and
Plan your next prey.

And I am Leda,
Left alone to bear the weight
Of your body and the weight
Of my mine withering away.
And I have nowhere to flee.

No, what I see when I look at you
Is not a ghost,
(although you haunt)
You are too real for that.

I wish you never came here.


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