In a moment of overwhelming sadness this evening, I find solace in something a very great artist/ human wrote in a tumblr post nearly three years ago…

“heartbreak turns us into shipwrecks. but shipwrecks still contain the treasure to be found. the heart. the love. hidden… all it takes is an expeditionary diver with the desire for the riches of a saved soul. to bring it back into the light…”

Jason Reeves, folks. Do yourself a favor and check him out. Love, pain, desire, beauty, happiness, heartache: he gets it. He makes you feel better when you’re drowning in any and all of the above.

I feel confused and lonely, tonight. I think that is okay though, since most of the time I can choose not to feel this. I’m not sure how to end this random post; but I am writing it on the WordPress application on my phone which only has 2% battery left, so I’m just going to return to my neglected reading and homework… Hopefully one of you, if anyone reads this thing, can also find solace, or encouragement, from Jason’s beautiful word-smithery.


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