Written upside- down in a journal on a drunken Saturday evening in less than five minutes.


like what?

a feather in the wind?

no… no. that doesn’t give you enough importance.

how about a…

or rather, the landscape in my rearview mirror..?

you, at a stand- still in the past,

slowly dissolving in the distance?

no. that is not right either,

since i still can’t bear moving away from you,

that can’t be right.

but this is where we have a problem.

because my memory of you is fading-

tucked in the sweet, simple embrace of summer.

you held me once, is that not true?

and i, you?


i cannot fathom.

now you are just some concept

that everyone else but myself can grasp

because you all can go to parties together

while i drink alone

and think

about how you are a thing i have known





from your skin

to your soul.

but that was then

and this is now

and now is the past which is

fleeting and

gone and




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